Effortless ticketing, so you can focus on your event’s success.

Welcome to eeVRee, your premier fully automated ticket selling platform. Whether you’re hosting an event or attending one, we strive to make your experience seamless and enjoyable

Simplify Event Planning with eeVRee's Automated Management System

As a premier software solution for organizing top-tier events, eevree significantly reduces the workload for event planners.

From participant registration to onsite check-in, our platform ensures you remain in complete control of your event, keeping everything perfectly organized. The eeVRee platform is designed for event organizers who prefer a fully automated ticketing and management system, avoiding the hassle of manual processes. Additionally, we offer a mobile app to further streamline event management and enhance the attendee experience.

Laser-focused on the real stuff

What will you get?

Lower productivity

When working in hybrid setup, team tasks are performed with ~28% lower efficiency in average*

Disconnected Employees

Only 20% of Employees in IT / Finance feel connected to their Company after 1+ years in hybrid*

Location freedom is key Value

90% of employees in IT consider freedom in where-and-when to work from in top 3 decision factors when changing job.

Social Disconnection

Video meetings can't substitute "Solving together and winning" experience in social connection building process between colleagues.

Identifying future leaders

We provide the management with behavioral analytics from each sessions based on which approach and value of each team member could be assessed.

Human Friendly AR interactions

Nobody likes to wear headset in the office just to see other colleagues. You can see holograms of remote colleague in the room with naked eye using eeVRee.

Mobile App Features for Delegates and Organizers

Our mobile app provides a comprehensive suite of tools for delegates, including access to the program, communication channels, and customizable information settings. Delegates can interact with speakers, ask questions, and participate in competitions.

For organizers, the mobile app streamlines the check-in process with QR code scanning, whether from a mobile device or printed ticket.

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